Put agents reviews, star ratings, badges, and profile information from Rate-My-Agent.com, on approved websites and mobile apps.

Display requirements

  • Rate-My-Agent.com logo, as referenced in the API, must be displayed clearly along with any and all content from Rate-My-Agent.com.
  • Must display link to Rate-My-Agent.com profile on site. The link must exist on all every page where Rate-My-Agent.com assets are displayed.
  • All assets must be displayed as is. Ratings, images, badges, and any other assets displayed cannot be edited in any way. This includes occlusion by other objects (i.e. stacking other images on top, etc.)
  • Fresh and current copies of all content must be displayed. (No displaying outdated content.)

You can:

  • Display star rating averages and reviews to an agent’s profile on your site or app.
  • Display an agent’s profile info.
  • Display an agent’s badges.
  • Display videos where an agent is awarded with a ranking.

You cannot:

  • Claim Rate-My-Agent.com’s content as your own or imply it in any way.
  • Create another version of Rate-My-Agent.com.  We’re on it.  Thanks!

How to apply:

Email Info@Rate-My-Agent.com with a short outline of what you’d like to do with the data, including which website or app you’d like to use it on and the contact details of the person responsible for the project.  Within one business day we’ll be in touch.

API documentation:

It is recommended that you have your web developer or webmaster review our API documentation and understand the technical work involved in using it. Note that the API requires a key to access, which is granted on a per project basis.