How are reviews verified?

1. Reviewers are required to confirm by email that their review is true, accurate, and they take legal responsibility for the content of the review. 2. Spam and other false reviews are identified by our system and removed. 3. Report a review by sending an email to admin at

How much does a profile cost?

$0. There is no cost for a profile. There is a premium profile you can subscribe to for access to premium features.

Where are my missing reviews?

Either we removed the review or the client did not click the confirmation link we sent them via email.

Why was a review removed from my profile?

It did not pass’s verification standards. Many agents have tried to cheat by posting fake reviews. has a system to identify and remove fake reviews. You can refer to our terms of use under prohibited content.

Can I remove my profile?

No. That would defeat the purpose of having a public forum to post feedback and reviews. You cannot remove your profile from other review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor either.

How can I edit my profile?

Claim your agent account to edit your profile by clicking the red ‘Claim Your Agent Account’ button on your profile. If it does not appear, the profile has already been claimed. If you do not remember your login, you can use the ‘Forgot your password?’ link on the login page.
How to Claim Your Agent Account

I uploaded a photo on my profile, but it did not display. Why?

You might have uploaded a photo that is more than 500 kb. Please try an image file less than 500 kb. Photos in portrait orientation are required. If you upload a landscape orientation photo, it will get edited.

Can I register as a broker company?

No, however… there is a field on agents’ profiles to declare their brokerage office. If you have many agents in your office that you’d like added to the site, you can email admin at and we’ll send you an xls template to complete and send back.

How does the response rate work?

The response rate indicates what percentage of reviews the agent has replied to. It’s an important measurement because people want to know an agent is active on the platform and will reply when they reach out and that the agent pays attention to feedback posted on

How can I increase my response rate?

You can increase your response rate by replying to reviews made by your clients. Click the ‘Review Reply’ button just below the review to post your reply. Your response rate will be 100% if you’ve replied to all the reviews on your profile and 0% if you haven’t replied to any of the reviews.

Increase your response rate

Is there a time limit to when I can reply to reviews?

No. You can reply to reviews any time, even reviews from years ago.

What’s a Premium Profile?

We update the features of the Premium Profile regularly. Learn all about a Premium Profile subscription and how it will get you more prospects while saving you time and effort.

How can I post my reviews on Facebook?

Click the “Share on Facebook’ button just below the review you want to share. You will be redirected to the facebook sharing window and log in to your facebook account (disregard if already logged in). You can share on your personal FB account or on the page you manage. To post on your business page, click the drop down menu on the top and select the option of where you want to share it.

How to Share on FacebookHow to Share on FB Page

Does sales volume impact the rankings?

No, sales volume is not taken into account in’s rankings.  The rankings are strictly determined by ratings and reviews.