I found Rate-My-Agent.com by accident. I have many past clients that I asked to write testimonials; they were more than happy to email them. However, I find having reviews straight from the source is more useful. So I directed them to other sites, but oftentimes my client’s couldn’t figure out how to write the reviews on google, yelp or yellow pages, for one of many reasons, they didn’t have an account or use google for their mail or didn’t use yelp regularly so the reviews wouldn’t show up. One client wrote a testimonial on Rate-My-Agent.com and emailed it to me and quickly discovered it was user-friendly, much more so than other sites. There weren’t a lot of steps. They asked simple questions and didn’t demand too much time.

Saanich, Real Estate Agent

Rate-My-Agent has been directly beneficial to my business. Almost from the day, I signed up, I have had many calls to list or purchase a property directly from this site, and I have closed several home sales in 2018 and I am already way ahead in sales for 2019 and Rate-My-Agent has been a huge contributing factor to my success. I am currently working with two people who have contacted me as a direct result of searching for a Realtor through Rate-My-Agent. My daughters have both set themselves up with an account as well. What a great concept! Thank you for all the business you have generated for me!!

Mississauga, Real Estate Agent

I am happy to report that, after only 3 days, I have already received my first lead from the web-site and I am scheduled to speak with them this afternoon.

Coquitlam, Real Estate Agent

Hi David! I love the badges. I think they’re great and I use them in lots of my advertising. I have it displayed on my website, and I have it on my pre-listing presentation. I’ve actually got quite a few buyers and sellers from the top-rated agent badge I earned for 2020. The badges are probably the number one reason why I continue to use and support Rate-My-Agent.com.

Penticton, Real Estate Agent

Thanks for reaching out. What perfect timing. I just picked up two (2) new listings over the past couple of weeks because of my reviews on Rate-My-Agent.com. So they definitely work, and people see them. Another thing too, when I’ve shared the badges on social media, people are really impressed. Especially as a newer agent, this has given me major credibility by showing how satisfied my clients are!

Saskatoon, Real Estate Agent

I want to thank you for reaching out to me a few years ago to join Rate-My-Agent.com. I have been on your site for a few years now, and I have seen the rate of return, and it is fantastic. It costs me nothing to start and just a little time getting clients to write testimonials. The response has been great, and over the last 2 years, I have picked up 8-10 deals from people googling best agents. Signing up for your new Premium Profile really is a thank you to you that comes with some more perks for me.

Saint John, Real Estate Agent

I never would have done this for any other review company but you ran your business correctly, and that is rare these days. You invested your own sweat and money into something and never asked a penny from us. You had faith. You took a blind risk. Sure you had a plan but you couldn’t be certain of it entirely as is the case in life. And you did right by us. This is why I invested in you.

Gatineau, Real Estate Agent

I am considering a Premium Profile subscription, and I’ve actually noticed a number of new leads coming my way since creating a profile on the site, so thank you for that!

Toronto, Real Estate Agent

Thank you very much. I love your site! It actually helps me get leads calling me!

Vancouver, Real Estate Agent

I have used the badges for several years, I added them to my email signature and social media.  I don’t know specifically if they’ve helped, I haven’t had anyone mention them or have it come up in conversation, but I like personally feel like there’s value in the badge and like having it there.

Sherwood Park, Real Estate Agent

I have sold 2 properties so far as a result of people checking out my reviews.

Victoria, Real Estate Agent

Great asset! Clean, eazey/peazey to copy/paste. Great work RMA!

Vancouver, Real Estate Agent