I vividly remember the challenge of finding a realtor. Everyone knows that there are thousands of realtors out there, but how do you find a good one? The Internet suggests to “get referrals from your network”, or check Realtor.ca, or turn to websites of real estate companies, such as Re/Max, or even check the street benches for ads. Each of these options has a downside, though. It is doubtful that you will see very negative feedback on a realtor’s personal website, or highly-partisan websites like Re/Max or Century21. Unless you have as many friends as there are users on the Internet, I would suggest looking outside of your personal network when looking for a realtor.

I chose to use Rate-My-Agent.com for the same reason I like to use Google reviews – it is unbiased, transparent, and realtors cannot in any way affect their reviews or ratings. There are other similar on-line platforms that I tried to use. They are similar, but not quite. One alternative popular system will select a realtor for you based on the data you enter. You know how they recommend interviewing at least 3 different realtors before you hire one? How can I do that if they just connect me with the one who they think is the best for me (or maybe paid extra to be selected first)?  With Rate-My-Agent.com everything is transparent, and you are in charge. The site has an option to select a realtor for you, but you can select the top 3 in your area if this is your choice. It worked well for me. I will use it again if I need to, and I will recommend Rate-My-Agent.com to a friend.

Michael Kupchin

As I explained to the young lady, I selected a realtor from your top rated list for my area and contacted
her directly, and we have started a process.

I appreciate your website, it made a challenging job much less fraught, as a first-timer. I think I will get along well with the person I selected, but if it doesn’t work out I’ll be in touch.

Arthur Entlich

It was important to me to get more than one referral so that I could find the right fit for me.  By using Rate-My-Agent.com, I was able to see top performers in my area, get feedback from others who had used them and then connect directly with them before making my decision.

I would absolutely recommend the site to others – but I would have no hesitation in recommending my realtor either.

In a separate previous real estate transaction, I was referred to an agent but it wasn’t a great experience.  The agent seemed to lack local knowledge, negotiation skills and just didn’t seem invested.  With this purchase and using Rate-My-Agent.com, I was connected to a top agent, with great expertise, who was clearly invested in the sale of our home and purchase of a new home.  From our first interactions it was clear he knew marketing and he understood real estate.  That expertise was present throughout the whole process.  Rate-My-Agent.com clearly is doing their due diligence in how they rate their agents and it shows.

Stephanie Clark
Love it, has all the reviews about the agent, will know more about the agent from someone else! And clearer!  I’m in the customer service industry as well, always wanted feedback and reviews from the customers they will know how to improve it.
Andy Yu
I live in Ontario and need to find a real estate agent in New Brunswick but had no idea how to start. So I googled how to find a great agent and was connected to Rate-My-Agent.com.
100% glad I was. The website was both intuitive and easy to use. I could quickly enter all the details of what was needed and what I was looking for. I was thinking the process might take a long time, but I was almost instantly linked to agents and was then contacted by one right away. Rate-My-Agent.com definitely did its job. Our agent was excellent and helped us find our dream home in two days and we got it for under asking in a market where everyone else is paying over!
If you’re needing a real estate agent and aren’t sure who to use or how to find the best; just let Rate-My-Agent.com do the job for you. Not only do you end up with a great agent it was a free service too!
Kevin Beck