Welcome to Rate-My-Agent.com! You are welcome to participate in our real estate, mortgage, and insurance broker professionals rating and review platform.  Please respect the following guidelines when leaving a review.

Do not submit reviews that include any of the following:

  • Profanity, hate speech, threats, etc.
  • Content for promotional and commercial purposes (ads/spam).
  • Anything you are unwilling to take legal responsibility for.
  • Anything intended to defame an agent without any proof of the claim.
  • Separate reviews from related clients, primarily couples, about the same transaction.
  • Reviews copied from other review platforms.
  • Reviews that are not relevant within the context of services provided by the agent.

Rate-My-Agent.com will remove reviews if we feel that they do not comply with our guidelines and policies or are generally inappropriate, out of context or lack details, such as property address, name of the client, transaction date.

Rate-My-Agent.com also reserves the right to withhold reviews where suspicious activity or conflicts of interest are present. These are considered violations of this policy which will be penalized at the discretion of Rate-My-Agent.com. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviews by agents about themselves, including from their own email address or a fake or placeholder email.
  • Reviews submitted by agents on behalf of their clients.
  • Reviews submitted by anyone other than the client.
  • Reviews posted by third parties posing as clients, including forms or other tactics designed to circumvent the rating form or client confirmation processes on Rate-My-Agent.com.
  • Any tactic not already listed that is determined to be an attempt to manipulate reviews and rankings.

Reviews will not be posted if we cannot ascertain that reviews were published directly by the clients due to a lack of substantial evidence.  (ie. Agents or clients refused to give the property address or no proof of transaction is provided.)

Upon determining that an agent enabled fraudulent or fake reviews or any violation of these Review Guidelines, they will be penalized. The penalty includes:

  • Warning added to the agent’s profile advising visitors of the violation.  The warning will be visible for two weeks per review that is found to be in violation. 
  • Payment of a $500 fine per violation (every review in violation) to a charity chosen by Rate-My-Agent.com.
  • Demote the agent’s profile to the bottom of the rankings.
  • For example, if the agent had three fake reviews, the warning will be visible for six weeks, and a fine of $1500 paid to a charity chosen by Rate-My-Agent.com, before the warning is removed and rankings restored.